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Rhinoplasty is a minor surgical operation during which the nose is reformed to match the patient’s specifications. Although a ‘nose job’ is oftentimes required for health related purposes, for example when the airways are clogged, most patients in Oxford make the decision to have a rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons. Some feel unsatisfied with their real noses – they are either too big or too bulky. To obtain an ideal shape, they visualize a suitable shape and size, and reach us to get it done.

Due to state-of-the-art technology in the medical field, current nose operations are routine and incredibly common; significant side effects rarely take place. Of course, all patients must consider the period of recovery right after their procedure, though the time needed is low when compared to other beauty procedures, and is not usually thought to be a main issue. Speak with your plastic surgeon for more help and advice.

For those who have any other concerns you might want to ask us, we invite you to submit our application; a rhinoplasty doctor in Oxford will reply with all the right answers. Furthermore, this includes detailed information and facts on outcomes, treatment costs, recovery period and much more. Then you are free to make a decision for yourself in your own time, however you are also welcome to give us a call with any further queries you might have.